International Child Travel Consent Form


I CARE Foundation Launches International Travel Child Parent Consent Form As Lawyers Around The World Applaud Groundbreaking Abduction Prevention Tool.

Download The ENGLISH VERSION Of The International Travel Child Consent Form
                                   Download The SPANISH VERSION Of The International Travel Child Consent Form 

Top Hague Convention Attorneys Located All Around The World Praise The I CARE Foundation's Universal Hague Convention-oriented Abduction Prevention Tool.

The I CARE Foundation's International Travel Child Consent Form Embraced and Utilized By Top International Family Law Attorneys Deeply Familiar With International Parental Child Abduction and Hague Convention Law.          


The I CARE Foundation announced today the release of their “International Travel Child Consent Form” created to help prevent international parental child abduction due to the wrongful detention of a child traveling abroad with one parent.

The International Travel Child Consent Form’ has been created with attention to ‘Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction’ case law. Specific focus on international abduction defenses associated with Articles 12, 13, and 20 of the international convention were incorporated into the travel consent document while also seeking to include language that may uphold the spirit of an expeditious return of a wrongfully detained child under Article 1.

The travel document is expected not only to act as a parent consent form allowing a child to travel abroad, but it was designed to assist also a targeted paretn reinforces a child’s return to their country of origin based upon affirmation requirements that remove the majority of an abductor’s legal defenses to remain abroad in connection with Hague law

During the summer vacation period, child abduction is prevalent. Often, children born from a multinational relationship are targeted for abduction when the marriage or partnership breaks down, or when one of the parents wants to end the relationship and that parent desires to return to their own country of origin.  So these would-be-abductors create a clever scheme under the guise of a family vacation to visit relatives so that the other parent will consent to travel abroad. Often the targeted parent travels with them. Once abroad, the abducting parent often unleashes a carefully orchestrated scheme intended not only to remain abroad with the child, but often to permanently remove the other parent from the child’s life.  

The legal defenses used by abductors to remain abroad have often enabled them to have a court sanction their abduction.

The I CARE Foundation’s ‘International Travel Child Consent Form’ addresses many of the possible defenses an abductor may use.

The 'International Travel Child Consent Form' is not legal advice.  Parents intending to use this form in any capacity should consult with a qualified attorney.

The ‘International Travel Child Consent Form’ will also be available in French, German, Italian, Mondrian, Russian, Portuguese and Arabic in the coming days.

For attorneys or parents at risk of having a child abducted interested in obtaining a full legal brief and framework of the travel consent form, please contact





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