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The United States Reported Outbound International Parental Child Abduction Rate Declined By 12.23% During 2013, Marking The Fourth Consecutive Year Reported Outbound Cases Of International Parental Child Kidnapping Has Declined. 

The Vast Majority Of International Parental Child Abductions Occur During The Summer School Vacation Period. Typically, A Child Is Wrongfully Detained By The Abducting Parent In A Foreign Country During A Parentally Agreed Upon Trip Or a Court-Ordered Ruling. Once Abroad, The Abductor Will Rely Upon Article 12 And Article 13 Of The 1980 Hague Child Abduction Convention. The I CARE Foundation's Landmark International Travel Child Consent Form Protects Against Wrongful Use Of Article 12 and Article 13 Hague Defenses While Critically Upholding Article 1 Of The Hague Child Abduction Convention.





 Read The United States Senate Testimony of I CARE Foundation's Executive Director Peter Thomas Senese concerning how to stop the child abduction epidemic. 

2. The I CARE Foundation's International Child Travel Consent Form is considered one of the most important global international child abduction prevention tools created capable of protecting children from abduction. READ why and download a copy of the universal form today.

3. The Prevent Departure Program is one of the most important international parental child abduction tools available to American parents trying to protect their children from abduction. 

4. In a major advancement of the 1980 Hague Child Abduction Convention, Japan is now become a member of the child abduction convention.  READ details of this historic event along with the analysis of the impact Japan's ratification will have on countries who have not ratified the 1980 Hague Child Abduction Convention.

5. Since formal inception of the I CARE Foundation's operations, the reported outbound rate of U.S. internatioanl parental child abduction has declined by approximately 23% in two years (Fiscal years 2011, 2012) with great expectations for a decline in the reported abduction rate in 2013 (U.S. DOS report to Congress concerning abduction due out this Spring, 2014). READ the I CARE Foundation's '2013 Year In Review'.

6. The I CARE Foundation launches survey regarding HR 3212: Will U.S. sanctions toward non-compliant Hague signatories help or hurt American children abducted abroad? (The survey is by invitation only: participants must be members of the worldwide legal community who have litigated child abduction matters).

7.  Iraq Joins 1980 Hague Child Abduction Convention: Becomes 92nd Contracting Member Nation To Multi-National Child Abduction Treaty

8.  United States Reported Outbound Child Abduction Rate Dropped By 12.23% in 2013: Total Decline Of 38.06% In Reported Abductions From 2009 Through 2013

                                                                OR DETAINING A CHILD ABROAD PLEASE THINK 
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                                                                        YOU WILL BE HURTING IS YOUR CHILD.
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